Nightclub Site Home to New Condos

Posted November 15, 2013 by Heather Colpitts (Langley Advance)


A new $55 million condo development was unveiled at Langley City hall Thursday afternoon

The skyline of Langley City will change with the addition of Charleston Place, a new 15-storey luxury condo by David Phan’s company P2000 Developments. Photograph by: Heather Colpitts

The skyline of Langley City will change with the addition of Charleston Place, a new 15-storey luxury condo by David Phan’s company P2000 Developments. Photograph by: Heather Colpitts

Luxury condos in a 1920s-inspired 15-storey building are coming to downtown Langley City.

The Calgary-based developer, P2000 Developments, was able to negotiate a buyout with the Citrus nightclub, which
is leasing the existing building at 203rd Street and Industrial Way. P2000 president David Phan said he knew the property owner and the land came up for sale. His company met with the City back in 2005 to discuss a project.

Charleston Place condos will start at about $380,000 and go up with sizes ranging from about 850 square feet to
about 2,000. The flat-iron shaped building will be made out of concrete. Phan said it will last much longer than wood construction. It is inspired by New York style vintage architecture.

“We love the old style,” Phan explained to the Langley Advance.

There are 230 covered parking spaces for the retail space and another 80 for the tenants. There will be between 46
and 52 concierge condo units.

The seventh floor will feature a roof-top garden/outdoor area. The condo units are set back from the retail space which allows for the rooftop garden and was a design consideration.

“We wanted the verticality of the tower feel,” explained architect Steven Ho.

He explained that a key element of the project was figuring out construction on the terrain and that drove up costs.

“Just because of soil conditions, we have to use lots of pilings,” he said.

Treeland Remax realtor Tammy Evans was at the project announcement April 19 and said the units will be strong
sellers: “There’s definitely a market for this.

“Willoughby can’t have everything,” she quipped.

She said she’s pleased to see the thought that went into the project because with so little land, Langley City has to
be smart about development.

Despite the current economy, Phan is pushing ahead with the project.

“I believe there is a market,” he said. “There is no buildings downtown that allow you to have strata title, commercial strata title.”

The commercial strata units will go up for pre-sale before the residential units. Phan expected that to happen starting around October 2012.

The project completion is slated for December 2015.

“We have identified some anchor tenants,” Phan said.

The intent is to have professional office style tenants such as a pharmacy, doctors, medical services, and lawyers.

Phan said that the tenants can easily access the nearby entertainment amenities but the building itself is intended as a quiet place for established professionals.

He added that it should be a catalyst for further development in the downtown area.

P2000’s first foray into B.C. was a development of beachfront vacation townhouses at Penticton but the project is on
hold due to a soft recreational housing market.

The existing nightclub building is scheduled to be demolished in March 2013. At the announcement Phan joked with
City Mayor Peter Fassbender that he could drive the bulldozer.

Phan noted that the City’s Downtown Master Plan played a key role in why the company chose to develop here.

“That’s why I love the Downtown Master Plan the City has done, so we know what to expect,” he commented.

The mayor said the area has been the site of many problems over the years so he welcomes this development.

“We think it is the next piece of the puzzle in our vision [for downtown redevelopment],” Fassbender said.

The development should also help the bottom line of surrounding businesses, he added.

“This is not the beginning of a whole series of high rise buildings along Fraser Highway,” Fassbender cautioned.

He noted that the City is also working on affordable housing initiatives so there is a range of housing options in the small municipality. The business sector is looking forward to the project.

“I can’t wait to drive over the overpass and see this,” commented City


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