Apron Sinks: Fashion-forward Vintage Design for the Kitchen

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One thing I love about design is that eventually, everything does make a re-appearance, and when it does, it’s better than ever!  One very classic kitchen fixture that has burst back onto the design scheme is the Apron Sink.  Also called “The Farmer’s Sink” or the “Skirted Sink”, this white enameled sink was found in many kitchens in the early 1900′s (as seen featured in this advertisement by Kohler)

Whitehaven® KOHLER® Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Always on the fashion-forward edge, Kohler has been savvy enough to bring back this old classic, but in a haute couture version.  The new Kohler apron sink, called the ”      ”   also has a glossy enameled finish, but is offered in a number of designer colours.

Franke not only offers the traditional enameled version, but also offer an Apron sink in stainless steel, which gives a more modern minimalist look.  In the same minimalist spirit, Blanco offers a stainless skirted sink as well.

Blanco Precision U Maxi Farmhouse Sink

Franke Sink

A couple of things to keep in mind when incorporating an apron sink into your kitchen design:

  • the sink base must be custom made for the apron sink
  • each manufacturer designs their apron sinks differently, and your cabinet maker must have these sinks on hand to determine the best construction for the sink chosen
  • the enameled sinks are very heavy, requiring additional structural support for the weight (some, when filled with water, can weigh up to 300 lbs!)  and require at least 2 people to mount and install the sink.
  • counter top fabricators must pay close attention to the design as well, as some have an under-mount installation on the back and sides of the sink, with the front exposed.

Apron sinks offer a beautiful decorative accent to a kitchen design, so pay attention to the line of sight to the sink area in your design.  A bit more attention and thought is required when incorporating an apron sink, but the finished look is well worth the effort!

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